CdB Destination Weddings: Madrid or Barcelona


Have you ever thought of Madrid or Barcelona as your Destination Wedding?. Let us explain you our job as wedding planners and why you should contact us to have a perfect day. Every couple and their necessities are different and it’s very common that they look for professionals that can make of their wedding an original and unique day.

We can assure you that the distance will not interfere with the planning and that you will always be an active part of the process. Our team is used to work with couples from all over the world and we are available by phone, whatsapp, email, Facetime…whatever works best for you.

First of all, take into account that if you want a religious ceremony, only  the Catholic ones are legally recognized here. The ceremony must take place in a church and one or both of you need to be Catholic, though you don’t need to be Spanish residents. We won’t have any problem to find English-speaker priests that could perform the ceremony.

If you prefer a civil ceremony and you want your marriage to be legal in Spain, one or both of you must be a resident of Spain. Civil ceremonies can to take place in municipal facilities and will be officiated by a major or a city councillor. If you are not Spanish residents, you can arrange the legal ceremony in your country and enjoy the venue in Madrid or Barcelona with an exchange of vows in a wide range of locations.

Once you have decided what kind of ceremony do you prefer, we go all out to give you exactly what you need.

Depending on your budget, preferences and necessities, we start working on your custom-made wedding


We can make a wide range of weddings: bigger, smaller, with a higher or a lower budget but all of them gorgeous, special and with charm… All of you can have an special wedding if you surround yourself with the most suitable professional team.

Once you have stablished your wedding budget, we need to know what kind of location you will need: cottages, hotels, exclusive use villas, manor houses…, if you need accommodation for you and/or your guests to spend the whole weekend or just a day…These are some of the possibilities:

  • If you need places to spend the whole weekend or you’re thinking about smaller weddings (less then 100 guests), we have lots of beautiful locations. There are rental cottages, perfect for this kind of celebrations. You can see one of our real weddings in one of these locations here. Let us show you some other photos so that you can have the right idea
  • If you need a bigger location that can offer the possibility to accommodate your guests, there are lots of marvellous exclusive use villas where you can spend the weekend and have a beautiful, full of details wedding and activities for you and your beloved…
  • And if you prefer unique, singular locations with history and background to celebrate the Wedding Day, we can show you lots of places where we can make your dream wedding.

As for reception, there are 1.001 possibilities. And again, we’ll have to take your budget, necessities and preferences into account. We will offer you different options so that you can choose what you want or what you don’t within the highest quality products of the highest quality catering suppliers.

Sit-down lunch or dinner, buffet, cocktail party, casual barbecue or different combinations of all of them. You don’t need to get along with closed menus, everything’s fair. And this is perfect for smaller weddings with lower guests and budget. 


And for the rest of suppliers, we will help you to find exactly what you need: music, lightning, singer, wedding decorators…We usually to work with the same suppliers because we know them perfectly, we know that their line of working is close to ours, we trust in them and we know that they don’t fail.

The third most important item in the wedding is the decoration. Venues are specially charming spaces, full of light, sun and beauty. But we do believe that those places must reflect your personalities and common stories. So, though they’re beautiful places, you can add different corners: from the ceremony to lemonade stations, unique seating plan, welcome corners, photocall… We have our own decoration team, that will be pleased to help you. These are some examples of decorative corners, but you can find much more if you visit this link

In conclusion, custom-made weddings are the best of the best because it’s the way to ensure that everything fits in: your wedding will be exclusively made for you. 

Would you like to contact us? Visit this link and fill in the contact form, we’ll be pleased to hear from you. Or, if you’re so impatience that can’t wait to hear from us, contact Nuria at +34679732147. She’ll be happy to help you solve all your doubts. 

Happy wedding with Colores de Boda!




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